We have more rider changes for Saturday's Millville round. We've added Star Yamaha rookie Jarrett Frye, as he makes his pro debut at Spring Creek and we also just saw on his IG page, Ty Masterpool will miss Millville with a leg injury he suffered in a crash at RedBud2. Make changes to your teams as needed.

We are also excited to announce our new sponsors, Forged Authority and ZULZ bags for the Final Four. More details to come. 

If you haven't been back since the Redbud II race, we've added an awful lot of bells and whistles.

There's a built-in chat (that blue thing on the bottom right of the page), an Injury Report, member profile images, rider profile images, and more.  

Watch out for an injury icon next to a rider's name when hiring your teams - they may not be riding in the upcoming race! 

[Update] Luke Renzland is also now on the injury list and will not be racing this weekend.