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February 6, 2019 12:35pm

by Steve Matthes

Round five of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross took place in San Diego last weekend and it was a mudder, although during the night show not much rain fell at all. It was the deluge of rain during the day that turned the track into a complete quagmire. But hey, it’s supercross and we run in the rain, right? It’s part of what makes our sport special and our athletes unique. 

Last year after Seattle I was saying that if you know it’s going to be super soft and rutty or you know rain is coming in then why build a complete, full-on supercross track? Seattle had a whoop section that was almost un-rideable before they had to knock it down to a pad and a finish line that was big. We know it’s Seattle so adjust the expectations, you know? This weekend we also knew rain was coming (Jason Thomas was practically sending in updates by the hour starting on Tuesday) and so to see the whoops made into rollers on the track was, to me, a smart decision. Make the track racey (I don’t even know if that’s a word?) and the entertainment will be there. 

The big news out of this race (and believe me there wasn’t much happening out on the track) was the chemical burns the riders suffered after the race, apparently from the lime thrown down on the track. Go look at social media for some of the ugly photos of what the riders have had to deal with. It’s insane. Not to mention suspension coatings are ruined, electronics are destroyed, and anything aluminum has been eaten away. 

Thousands of dollars in damage to the motorcycles for both factories and privateers and burned racers is not a good thing for Feld Entertainment and the track crew. We posted a statement by them last night regarding the situation, but this could turn into a complete nightmare, and in my opinion, could result in litigation by riders and/or teams, and maybe even a problem with the city.

Here’s the thing, Feld didn’t KNOW this would happen. In their efforts to dry the track out, they put the lime down, but apparently it was not done properly, and that turned out to be a costly mistake. 

We had Tyler Bowers, a rider that has burns on his body and a ruined bike, on the PulpMX Show and he told me that the track crew guys he spoke to told him that there was already lime on dirt from a Monster Jam show a few weeks back and then before the track was covered there was more lime thrown on. According to Tyler, after it was uncovered and more rain fell, there was a third helping of lime thrown on and it just sat in the standing puddles on the start straight. There was too much water on it to do anything and some kind of a chemical bath was what developed.

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