Congratulations to our 21SX Preseason RD1 winner and current Red Plate holder, Galagaonarm, as well as one of the best names in the league. Galaga, fresh off a 14th overall in our WeBigInc Early 90s, looks to have an impressive grasp of the MXD360 salary format in these retro games.

He pulled the trigger on the high dollar Tomac and as we know, was rewarded with a perfect 75pts. Going with six HOT riders, Galaga scored points with all 8 on his team. And all 6 hit the 10 point bonus, led by Tickle's 28pts.

As a matter of fact, he ended up having 8 of the top 15 riders in points.

- Bogle's 31pts & his 4th place in the 2019 San Diego swamps.

- Mookie's 27pts with his 10th at the '18 STL.

- Peick's 26pts, as he placed 5th, also in STL.

- Savatgy and his 24pts by placing 7th in the mud.

- And last but certainly never the least, Josh Grant, who has proven time and time again, can pull a top 10 directly from the couch. An 8th for 24pts in Motor City.

Clearly Galaga did his homework and with a little luck of the draw along with some intelligent hires, his 274 points couldnt have gone much better. And by the way, Galaga is by far one of my all-time favorite arcade games. I still will play it when I see one standing in the corner of a pizza or old sandwich shop. Round 2 coming up tomorrow night!

Do your homework kids. Look over the Cheat Sheets we provide. It could be the difference between winning or losing. And when we announce our Grand Prize collaboration with Storm Lake Honda for our 2021 Supercross game, youre gonna hope you know how this salary madness rolls. As always, thank you for playing!

Who's leaving Monday night from the 2017 season with the Red Plate? It could be you