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February 12, 2017 9:45am

by Kyle Scott

What a crazy, crazy night in Arlington. And oddly, on a night with some many crashes and weird bike problems, the podium belongs to riders who are still relatively new to the 450SX trade, and have also had some consistency issues this season. But on a hard, slick track that bit a lot of riders, Marvin Musquin [Red Bull KTM], Jason Anderson [Rockstar Energy Husqvarna] and Cole Seely [Honda HRC] took the top three spots.

The win is the first in Musquin’s 450SX career, and nice redemption after coming within a lap of a win almost exactly a year ago, in Atlanta. For all three of these riders, the journey hasn’t always been smooth, but on this night, they were smoother than everyone else.

They talked about it on stage in the post-race press conference.

Racer X: Marvin Musquin, the moment you’ve been waiting for for a long time. We’ll go back to Atlanta. One lap to go you were so close you could taste it. You come into this one, the track’s slick, you’re in lap traffic. How nervous were you? Were you counting the time on the stopwatch every single second?
Marvin Musquin: Well, actually I was super calm. I was trying to stay relaxed and not put any pressure on myself. I had a great start and then I was basically pacing myself with the guys behind. Pacing myself – I was obviously trying hard but I was looking behind and the gap was pretty good. Cooper was behind and then I guess he crashed. Then I was looking at Cole. He was in second place. I was just doing my things and doing my laps. Like I said I stayed really calm and it happened. I didn’t make any big mistakes and I stayed on my bike. Last year in Atlanta I had the pressure with Ryan Dungey behind me and today I was just like pretty much by myself. So it’s kind of, not weird, but definitely more relaxed. So I think if I would have won at Atlanta last year it would have been maybe even more crazy than today, with the pressure of Ryan behind. But today it was definitely more relaxed, but I’m really happy.

Jason, good ride. It seems like you have good performances when weird things happen earlier in the day. We’ll go back to your first victory at Anaheim with the qualifying thing, and then today you had the loop-out and a couple flips with the bike, but then you rebound in the main event, have a good, solid performance, and you come around in third place. Good turnaround for you.
Jason Anderson: Yeah, for sure. My practice day was good. I went into that heat race and then Mookie took a digger and his bike went up in the air. I just got clotheslined and looped out. My bike was in another section. So to come back from that and end up on the podium, I’m super psyched. It feels like it’s been a while. It’s cool to be on the podium and I want to stay up here. It’s good.

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