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April 8, 2018 1:40am

by Aaron Hansel

Uncertainty. It’s one of the things that has the potential to make racing so exciting, and whether it’s in the moments before the gate drops or halfway through a main event, healthy doses of it always seem to make for more riveting action. And with plenty of rain coming down during the week before tonight’s race, and for most of the afternoon, the uncertainty that comes with a mud race hung in the air all day. Would the mud work against the respective points leaders? Would it help create a big shakeup in the points, or would it be business as usual? Let’s dive into this weekend’s Saturday Night Live and find out.

In the 450SX Class, the rain and slop didn’t end up having an adverse effect on Championship leader Jason Anderson, who seemed to handle the extreme slop just fine. Yes, he did go down multiple times in his heat race, something he would later attribute to pushing too hard, but even after all that he still took second. And in the main he put himself in a position to win by taking over the lead almost immediately. A mistake later in the race allowed a charging Eli Tomac to catch and pass him, but Anderson still finished on the box in second. In a year that’s presented all kinds of treachery and woe to the competition, Anderson yet again held strong, giving up a mere three points to Tomac. Anderson didn’t win the race, but walking from a race in second that had the potential to cost him major points is a victory for his title hopes, which, thanks to a 37-point lead over Marvin Musquin with four rounds remaining, are looking pretty bright right now.

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