Courtesy of RacerX

April 8, 2018 1:00pm

by Aaron Hansel

Racer X: You guys have been professional now for quite some time. Raced some mud races in the past. How does this one compare to the Daytonas, the San Diegos, the Oaklands that you’ve raced in the past?
Marvin Musquin: It’s not often we have a muddy race like that in supercross, but we have no choice. We got to go and give our best. Obviously, the conditions were pretty tough. The mud was pretty sticky for the main. The track crew did a great job for us before the main. That was pretty good in the first few laps. I feel like the last big mud race like that in supercross was Vegas two years ago. I feel like it’s really hard anyway when it’s raining in supercross. This one was one to remember.

Eli Tomac: It was I think the slowest mud race I’ve been in, ever. When we’re barely doing a double single on the triple, or just floundering down the lanes with our feet off the pegs, that goes to show you how deep and just kind of crazy it was. Every mud race is something different, whether it’s slick or where it has a base. Tonight was just like the deep, enduro, off-road style. It was pretty wild. 

Jason Anderson: Like these guys, it was crazy. I feel like I went around the track a couple laps with no feet on the pegs the whole time. It was crazy. We were trying to double some stuff, but honestly, it kind of bit me in the butt. It was crazy.

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