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January 14, 2019 10:25am

by Aaron Hansel

Last week Dean Wilson translated his “flying at the test track” into “flying at Anaheim 1,” after finishing second in qualifying and then leading 14 laps in the main event, before stumbling back to a fourth-place finish. Justin Barcia, who sat in third for a majority of the race, took advantage of Wilson’s mistakes—and Malcolm Stewart’s—to win A1.

However, Glendale was different for both riders. Wilson finished 12th in qualifying and didn’t have the hot start he did in the A1 main event and finished in eighth, and Barcia took sixth in the main event. The two also battled in the first heat and tempers flared.

We talked with Wilson and Barcia after the race.


Justin Barcia: It was difficult, to say the least. I made a lot of bike changes and we got better every time, but never got super comfortable and didn’t ride like myself. Salvaged it, a sixth, which is not cool after a win [last week], but I made the best of it. There’s nothing really to be said other than that I didn’t ride that great today. On to next weekend and try again.

Racer X: After the restart it looked like you were really trying to make moves quick. Is that something you were actively doing or were you just riding at your normal pace?
I was trying, I wanted to make some moves quick, but unfortunately my riding wasn’t quite up to par today. I had some good laps, but I’d make a few mistakes and in those big rhythms you’d lose a lot of time. I passed Eli [Tomac] really quick, then made a mistake and lost the position. It was a back and forth thing for me. At the end I was right on [Marvin] Musquin, but I just didn’t feel great today. It was just one of those things, I don’t know.

So nothing specific you can put your finger on to point to the difference between now and last week?
No, not really. This track for me was really difficult. It was really hard packed and I felt like I was chasing my tail a little bit all day, comfort wise. I’d say it was 50/50 with making bike adjustments and my riding. We got better, but it wasn’t enough. If I’d have maybe gotten a holeshot it might have been a different story. I salvaged it, but I just wasn’t comfortable. Nothing I can really put my finger on. I’m not going to go home and try to fix anything because nothing is broken. It was just one of those nights. 

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