My hot take on The Incident at last night's H3.

As Kenny came up to lap Dean, he was assuming & hoping for the easy way out. Which of course, is what he & everyone else would have assumed would happen. Dean gets out of the main line and Kenny would continue on his way with a hungry Webb fast approaching. Smelling blood in the water. 

But the 94 should or could have possibly been more reactive to the situation and simply attacked Wilson as tho he was passing him for the position. And moved him out of the way. But I think Kenny was gassed and it became more of a panic situation for him, because he knew very well Webb was going to be aggressive. Unlike Ken.

No question Kenny is a class act but its time for him to put someone on the ground next Saturday night. He's not feared by his competitors. He's the smoothest out there & needs this title. It's time for the 94 to be an assasine on the track and stop getting pushed around.