Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives. What I'm trying to say, dam it was sandy, rough as hell and hot n humid in Florida Saturday! If you've ever raced a sand track, especially Southwick, nothing worse than having sand pour down the back of your jersey and into your pants, out of every corner. Talk about a chafed ass after 30 minutes plus two laps! But enough about my butt.

Congratulations to our Presented by StormLakeHonda Final Four RD2 winner Jeremy Riesenberg. The Hooze or JR51 or better yet, Hoosenberg comes out of virtually nowhere, hires nearly the perfect team with 284 points and lays waste to the Florida competition. Led by a HOT Jo Shimoda and his 44pts in the 250 class, along with your future 450 Champ Zach Osborne's perfect 50pts, Jeremy placed 2nd in the 250s and 3rd in 450 to secure the overall win, steal the points lead & head West to Lakewood, CO for round 3 with Red Plate. Hoosenberg was supposed to win a custom set of Fasthouse gear for his victory, but since the former Arenacrosser from Iowa and no longer rides, he will receive an FH swag bag with a hoodie and some tees.

Taking 2nd at the WW Ranch was jharmon124. Led by Dylan Ferrandis with his perfect 50pts & a HOT Fredrik Noren with 45pts, Harmon won the 250s while placing 12th in the 450. He also moved up to 2nd overall in our Final Four and will receive either a ZULZ travel roller bag or the latest helmet from Fasthouse / Bell.

If you know me over the years, then you definitely know this cat who wrapped up the Florida National podium. I'm honestly not sure how he found the time to enter a team or let alone figure out how to do it on his old Sidekick flip phone. Taking 3rd, the man, the myth, the legend, William Eugene Holding and his Billy404 team. Ol Billy Boy struggled a bit in the 250 class with a 31st due to a double DNF by Derek Drake, but it was his 450 team who rose to the occasion, placing 2nd with 146pts. With a whopping 6 HOT riders on Bill's squad, his team was similar to the top 2 with Shimoda, Osborne & Noren pulling down big points as the 404 jumped up to 5th on the leaderboard in our overall Final Four standings.

As the series heads nearly 1,800 miles West to the rocky mountains and Tomac country in Colorado for round 3, our season opening winner, MX591, remains in the top 3 of the standings. With only two races remaining, it is still anyone's game as the chase for the StormLakeHonda 2021 CRf50 continues.

I will post another article with our top 10 prize breakdown from both rounds 1 and 2. We have to thank our sponsors StormLakeHonda, Fasthouse, ZULZ Bag Co & Forged Authority truck bed accessories for their support and believing in MXD360. I have to admit, we have an incredible tool box from Forged Authority to give away, and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it. We want to spread the prizes and appreciation out to as many of you who are playing our debut game. So stay tuned, Four A**holes & the Casual Fan, Checkz MiX, the MXD360 Power Rankings and the Perfect Team columns are all coming this week. Thank you for playing!