Tanked IndeeeeThree

by Hoosenberg

IndeeeeThreee is in the books and once again, as the story of the 2021 MotoXDream Fantasy Supercross season is written, each and every story revolves around chaos. This isn’t no romantic comedy, that’s for sure. Every single week, we think this is the week that normalcy prevails. And then shit hits the fan and we remember, that we can’t even remember, what it’s like to remember what normal feels like.

I mean, we used to wait a week between races, digesting and breaking down the action. And now we get three races in 8 days time and it’s like hitting neutral on the face of a triple, it’s all upside down. And then we take a look at the wreckage, and find the most common indicator of disaster and name it Tanked.

Looking at this week, I thought for sure the Friese-Barcia incident would be Tanked Worthy. But as I assessed the hiring stats, I realized yet again my MXD Manager friends are smart. And with the responsibility of a $3.5M budget and their roller coaster pasts and Alter Ego historical meltdowns, only 19% hired Tomac, and 14% Barcia. And well, Friese didn’t even crash, so it’s not like he let down 11% of owners. Nope, you can’t just throw away the last two laps and claim the Tanked Crown. 

If you really wanna be Tanked, you gotta have a good practice time. Like 11th fastest in the 450 class. And Hot Status, just on the fringe of the 10 point bonus that is so elusive in the 450 class. A capable bike, which was pictured pulling massive Holies by your teammate on Tuesday night. And you gotta take it all, and turn it all into a massive 7 points for your 33% of team owner’s $138k investment. You gotta boggle the entire day in 20 minutes or less. Yup, IndeeeThree’s Tanked crown rests clearly on the #19 of Justin Bogle. 

Yet again, the rarified air of the 10 point 450 bonus eluded those who chased it. And when a number of stars set to return soon, it shall become even more of a challenge. 

The great news, we have a full week to wonder what if.

Or, if you’re like me, and you stumbled into the Top 10 last round, you wonder what the hell went right and see if you can’t replicate it again.

Seems we’re all chasing that elusive magic combination. It might be time to incorporate some Lucky Charms into my race day menu.

Until next week.