Congratulations to our FMF Vision Indy3 winner Col Nelson of New South Wales Australia. Thru the wonders of the internet, I've known team Nelso for many years. He's been a strong supporter of MXD from way back. Very cool to see some of the OGs adapting to our new salary format and still kicking ass. Altho I'm going to have to sell a kidney to raise money to ship him his prizes. 

Nelso's Indy3 team of riders scored 6 top 10s with three in each class. His 250 squad, led by Hunter Sayles (26pts), were all HOT riders & put up 86pts. This 250E series has proven to be a gold mine of points so far this season. 

Personally, I refused to be swayed by Sayles and his spectacular qualifying time. The kid got me already once and I wasn't about to fall for it again. Clearly I was wrong. Again. 

Thank you to FMF Vision & Lil D for supporting MXD360. The top 10 will be looking cool as hell in their new POWERCORE goggles. Shawn Norfolk, you can wear yours around the house for the missus. That'll probably work for Jeremy Riesenberg too.