Heading into tonight's RD2 of our ZULZ Bag Co Retro SX game, the Red State Assholes will be carrying the Red Plate. The RSA's hired a near perfect team of 6 at the opening round as they scored an incredible 123 points.

Led by Lechien's win at the 1985 Seattle2 & Stewart's 2005 rookie season victory in Houston, Chris chose to hire 2 riders from each of the 3 eras. Many of us were fortunate with the 05 draw as Stew was low cost but also high risk due to some rookie mistakes and injuries. Which forced the 259 to miss alot of his first season in the premier class. 2005 Houston SX on YouTube

All 6 of RSA's team placed 6th or better. Henry tried to chase down Albertyn late in the 1997 LA1 opener & finished 2nd. Windham was a click off the pace of the Stew, RC, Reed trio in 05 Houston, but still solid enuf for a 4th. 1997 Los Angeles1 SX on YouTube

The Hurricane Hannah also scored a 4th, but 20 years earlier in the now defunct Kingdome in Seattle. If you took the 7 minutes to watch the 85 Seattle round we posted, Larry Huffman is going crazy for all the passing excitement that was going on off-camera. It was pretty funny. And some of you think the shows this season are a bit wonky. 1985 Seattle2 SX on YouTube

And rounding out team Red State, Fro clipped the rear wheel of Henry as Doug made a pass into 2nd and took the eventual 97 Champ to the dirt of the Coliseum. Difficult to believe Jeff would open the first two rounds in Los Angeles with a 6th and a 14th, yet still rebound & go on to become Champion. Needless to say, 97 was a stacked season & Fro rose to the top. 

Check out who's lurking tied for 5th. None other than Southwick Hall of Famer Mike Treadwell. The New England bad ass had an MXD360 career night on Wednesday & looks to keep the ball rolling into tonight.

That pretty much wraps up round 1. Nice work on the win Chris. Good luck to everyone tonight and thanks for joining in on the FREE RetroSX fun. Cheap entertainment at its best. Three main events get served tonight!

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