Two Daytonas & a Dallas were randonly drawn by the MXD360 database and these are their stories & results. Four riders didnt race RD2 due to injuries. Breker & Bowen in 85 & Kiedrowski & Hughes in 97. 

RetroSX Moto 1

2005 Dallas SX on YouTube

James “Bubba” Stewart finally got his long awaited first Supercross win in the 250cc class, and he made it look almost easy.

In front of over 43,000 spectators at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas, Stewart put his Jeremy Albrecht-tuned KX250 into the front right off the start, quickly opened up a comfortable lead over defending champ Chad Reed and series leader Ricky Carmichael and was never seriously challenged the rest of the way, despite having his front brake lever come loose during the race.

Stewart had a little help when Reed bobbled and nearly crashed a few laps into the race, but Stewart, who posted the fastest lap times all day, was obviously on a mission to get his first win.

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250: 1. James Stewart (Kaw); 2. Ricky Carmichael (Suz); 3. Chad Reed (Yam); 4. Sebastien Tortelli (Suz); 5. Mike LaRocco (Hon); 6. David Vuillemin (Yam); 7. Kevin Windham (Hon); 8. Heath Voss (Yam); 9. Travis Preston (Hon); 10. Tim Ferry (Yam); 11. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon); 12. Ryan Clark (Hon); 13. Tyler Evans (Suz); 14. Jay Marmont (KTM); 15. Joseph Oehlhof (Hon); 16. Jason Thomas (Hon); 17. Cole Siebler (Suz); 18. Damon Huffman (Hon); 19. Andrew Short (Hon); 20. Travis Pastrana (Suz).

RetroSX Moto 2

1985 Daytona SX on YouTube

From Cycle News

It was another race for the record books at Daytona, as Honda’s Bob Hannah watched as one leader after the other fell by the wayside. Hurricane was able to master the challenging Daytona Supercross track and become the first three-time winner of the race.

It was a thriller as Ward led, got completely stopped by lap riders causing Hannah to hit him from behind, putting Ward on the ground and Hannah into the lead for good.

Hannah would win by 12 seconds in the only race of the season that wasn’t a two-moto format. Fittingly it would turn out to be Hannah’s final AMA Supercross victory.

1) Bob Hannah
2) Jeff Ward
3) Ron Lechien 
4) David Bailey
5) Broc Glover
6) Mark Barnett
7) Johnny O'Mara
8) Scott Burnworth 
9) Rick Johnson
DNS - Goat Breker
DNS - Keith Bowen 

RetroSX Moto 3

1997 Daytona SX on YouTube

From Cycle News...

Consider this: By March of 1997, Jeff Emig had already raced the Daytona Supercross five times and the record wasn’t anything to write home about. He finished eighth a couple of times, ninth once and then starting in 1995 his results showed that he was finally starting to catch on to the most challenging of AMA Supercross tracks.

In ’95 he scored a solid fourth, coming in behind Mike Kiedrowski, Mike LaRocco and Doug Henry. Then in ’96 he scored another top-five result, taking the flag in fifth.

But then the breakthrough in 1997. Emig raced his factory Kawasaki to victory over the hard-charging Suzuki factory duo of Greg Albertyn and Jeremy McGrath. It was a milestone victory for Emig, who would go on to hold off McGrath to win that year’s title, breaking MC’s string of four-consecutive AMA Supercross Championships.

Consider that if McGrath would have been able to beat Emig that year, he would have walked away from the sport having won eight straight Supercross titles.

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