With RacerX Illustrated being our Daytona sponsor, we are lucky enough to be giving away a custom designed event t-shirt. The top 10 teams will all receive this one of a kind Daytona design by Davey Coomb's son Vance, featuring Hall of Famer Ronnie Lechien.

The top 10 teams will also win a one year subscription, which includes 12 print & digital issues. The classic print Racer X Illustrated, toss it in a bag, take it anywhere, tear out the pages and hang them on your walls or share the magazine with friends. 

The digital, read a fully scrollable, revolutionary edition of Racer X magazine or your mobile device or computer & enjoy digital extras, including embedded video and audio. You will also be able to access 3 years of past RacerX issues to enrich your dirt bike knowledge or to simply settle bar bets. Which lets be honest, the RacerX Vault of results is still the greatest website in all the land.