Race1 takes us back to the 1985 LA Coliseum. The video is more of video montage from some Gary Bailey home video footage he shot from the floor that night. There's also an odd moment in part 2 where they mix in some Ice Ice Baby. No. Seriously. But the clips are cool and the Coliseum was packed that night!

1985 Los Angeles SX Part 1

1985 Los Angeles SX Part 2

Race2 is from 1997 Tempe, AZ and the Sun Devil Stadium. Track is dry and slippery that has broken down thru the night. It round 3 that season and MC & Fro are still looking for their first wins of the season.

1997 Tempe SX
250 main event is at 1:00:45


Race3 was the infamous mudder at the 2005 season opener. Absolutely one of the worst mud races of that decade. And always, it became more of survial than actual racing. Still always fun to watch the best flounder in the slop. 

2005 Anaheim 1 SX


Check back throughout tonight for the full recaps and results from each of the three races as we crown our ZULZ Bag Co 85.05.97 Retro SX Champ!