Here are all three races for RD4.

RD4 Race1 • 1985 Los Angeles RD9

Best footage I could find. Looks like some edited home video footage I think from Gary Bailey. 

It's worth watching simply to see how jam packed the LA Coliseum is & for the Ice Ice Baby montage of David Bailey in the second main event clip. No, I'm serious. 

And if you hired Wardy, he gets stuck in the gate in the 1st main when RJ flinches a little and gets Ward to go early. Ugh! (My rider)

1985 Los Angeles SX Part 1 YouTube

1985 Los Angeles SX Part 2 YouTube

1 David Bailey 
2 Broc Glover
3 Ron Lechien
4 Rick Johnson 
5 Keith Bowen
6 Jeff Ward 
7 Mark Barnett 
8 Goat Breker
11 Johnny O'Mara
12 Scott Burnworth
17 Bob Hannah


RD4 Race2 • 1997 Tempe RD3

1997 Tempe SX YouTube
250 main event is at 1:00:45


Tempe, AZ
Jan. 25, 1997
by Kit Palmer

Three races, three different winners on three different brands. First it was Greg Albertyn, then Yamaha’s Doug Henry and now its Kawasaki’s Jeff Emig who joins this year’s list of winning riders in the early stages of the 1997 AMA Supercross Series. And still no Jeremy McGrath.

In front of one of the largest SX crowds ever, 250 National Champion Jeff Emig rode what he said was a “smart” race and he certainly used that tactic to help him record his third career Supercross victory. Some might argue whether or not Emig was the outright fastest rider on the track, but Emig did prove he was the steadiest and coolest, a combination which proved to be unbeatable at Sun Devil Stadium, where 63,565 fans looked on.

Emg, however was the fastest rider to the first turn in the 20 lap main on his Jeremy Albrecht tuned KX250. Instead of pulling away though, he led the pack around the track for six laps before giving way to defending champ Jeremy McGrath. But Emig didn’t let this discourage him.

Instead he kept his cool, a strategy that would pay off later when a rare mistake by race leader McGrath, who slid out in a turn at the halfway point, gave the lead back to Emig. Back in front, Emig’s lead was slim over a rapidly closing Albertyn. But fortunately for Emig, Alby’s attack ended on lap 13 when the South African flew off the track and out of Emig’s thoughts.

Still Emig wasn’t out of the woods yet because McGrath was lurking in second place, only a few seconds back. And there was also fast-approaching Damon Huffman to worry about. Huffman had just passed Honda of Troy’s Larry Ward for fourth and inherited third when Albertyn stumbled. Huffman was on the move and was threatening to pass McGrath when he too, went careening off the track. With Albertyn and Huffman now out of the picture, all Emig had to do was maintain his three-second lead over McGrath, who was, at this point, obviously unable to mount another serious I following his lap 10 slide out.

“First win in my new gear, new goggles, is awesome, just awesome,” Emig said.

Lusk crashed twice Huffman crashed and pulled offRyno came from near last to 3rd after crashing in the first turn.Lamson crashed in the first turn taking Bradshaw, Ryno & Henry with him.

1 Jeff Emig

2 Jeremy McGrath

3 Ryan Hughes

4 Larry Ward

5 Mike LaRocco

6 Doug Henry

8 Michael Craig

10 Greg Albertyn

11 Damon Bradshaw

14 Jimmy Button

16 Ezra Lusk

19 Damon Huffman


RD4 Race3 • 2005 Anaheim1 RD1

2005 Anaheim 1 SX YouTube • The mudder!

RacerX Revolver by Eric Johnson

I pulled down a cardboard box from a shelf that was too high and the thing toppled over and nearly gave me a black eye. This box—that was now no longer a box—was full of magazines, notebooks, and dozens of dog-eared pieces of paper—even my credential for the 2005 THQ AMA Supercross Series. That’s when I saw the headline of an article I’d put together a few weeks before the Christmas of 2004, “Mississippi Burning: Catching up to with Kevin Windham.”

It started: “Heading into what just might be the most exciting supercross season, Kevin Windham is the wild card in the pack. Call him what you will—confusion-maker, boat rocker, unknown entity—but the soon to be 27 year-old heads into 2005 as the full-on sleeper. While the hype surrounding the Carmichael/Reed/Stewart trio has reached Defcon 1 levels, race fans seem to have forgotten how very well Windham did in 2004. Through winning five 250cc main events in '04, a fast-closing Windham came within just nine points of winning the 2004 THQ AMA Supercross Series.”

Then the memories of that time came rushing back.

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1 Kevin Windham
2 Mike Larocco
3 Ricky Carmichael
4 Sebastien Tortelli
5 James Stewart 
7 David Vuillemin
9 Ernesto Fonseca
11 Heath Voss
15 Damon Huffman 
16 Chad Reed
20 Jeremy McGrath

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DNS Travis Preston