Race Day! Race Day! Race Day! Supercross has abandoned us for a couple weeks so I wanted to take this thing outside as Ian said. Rules & breakdown below.

These two riders right here will most likely decide this short 4 round 07.10 RetroMX game. For the opener today, RC is literally a 50/50 shot at 50 points or a huge donut to start your 1st round off right. 

It's the best we can do on these off weekends, but I hope you get a chance to play and have some free entertainment these next ten days or so. 8 riders. $4.5M budget. 

Gate drops on Moto 1 around 6:15pm CST this evening. YouTube videos of all 4 motos will be provided. Bring your own beer & popcorn. Good luck!

Rules & Breakdown

Ok here it is. We are taking our latest Retro & heading to the great outdoors. Here's a quick rundown. Of our latest FREE GAME.

- A simple 4 race / 8 moto 07.10 Retro MX game. It has the top 13 riders from the 2007 450 & 2010 250 seasons. 

- They will not be separated into classes. You get a $4.5M budget to hire any 8 riders from the 26 on the list. No HOT riders. There will be NO bonuses for top 10s.

- Both the 250 & 450 riders will be scored for 2 motos in each Retro round. 

- Round 1 will be this Saturday, March 27th & as always with every game, you will hire a new team for each of the four rounds. You cannot hire the same riders back to back. 

- As with every Retro game, the races will be randomly selected by the MXD360 database. 

- The 250's four races will randomly be selected from the 12 rounds of the 2010 season. While the four 450 races will come from the 2007 season. 

- One 2010 round of 250s (two motos) & one 2007 round of 450s (two motos) will make make of each of the 4 rounds of the 07.10 Retro MX game.

- The 2007 450 season is the one where RC only races 6 events and wins all but 3 motos. While Stewart gets hurt and misses the last 9 or so motos. And the 450 class basically is one of the closest battles to the end in history w Langston, Alessi, Short & Ferry.

- The 2010 250 season is a 24 moto race between Canard, Rattray, Pourcel & Wilson for the title.

- The rider's RD1 salaries reflect how their overall season's ended. Rounds 2, 3 & 4 will be decided by their subsequent races. 

- Basically, the better they do, the higher their salaries will climb. The worse they do, the lower they will sink.