What a crazy busy week of racing! Tuesday night was ATL2 obviously. Along with the final Triple Crown round, RD4 of the Head2Head Battle Royale & opening Race1 of our final 4-Pack. So I decide to add RD2 of 07.10 RetroMX last night. I'm a glutton for punishment. 😂 I love this shit. 

So with that said, here are the Match-Ups for tomorrow nights ATL3 RD5 of our Head2Head. We are down from 64 teams to the Ultimate Dozen. 12 teams still fighting for the title of Battle Royale Champion.

 Considering how bad I am at Retro & SX Survivor, I'm not sure how I'm still alive in Head2Head, but I go up against my homie Chris Riesenberg in an attempt to stay undefeated & remain in the Main Event bracket.

On the other side of the Main Event is Mike Fowler's Fmf4242 going up against Kirk Newman's Playerk13. All four teams in green will move on to RD6 win or lose.

However, the 8 teams in the two LCQ Brackets won't be so lucky. Only 2 teams will win and move on into the Power 6 of RD6. Two #1 seeds still remain with Galagaonmyarm & Tanner Hall 's Thall767. While the two Cinderella stories of the tournament are the 16th seed of Tony Bender (BigshotTB) and 14th seed Cameron Ellington. Throw in #2 seed Bryan Cournoyer & #9 Ian Riley into the mix & we have some heavy hitters still fighting for supremacy.

And did I mention my Dad (stephenson 160) & Sara are still alive in all this chaos as well? How much longer will our family luck last? Not much longer I'm betting. 

March & April Madness indeed. MXD360 Fantasy SX style. 💯💪 Good luck & thanks for playing! #mxd360 #head2head #fantasySX