Here's an easy look at this weekend's 250 E/W Shootout salary list. With such a long list of viable riders, this is a nice a little cheat sheet to refer too during the hiring process. This comes pretty directly off the AMA entry list which is around 21 or 22 from each region. (*Thrasher & Robertson will NOT be racing.)

Remember, there's each an East and West qualifier. Which basically means, if they're not a top 11 main event rider, they're headed to the LCQ. In other words, that's a really lucky deal for the East riders. This reflects in the salaries for the final round. 

You might also notice from the top down, they're a little less expensive. With these Shootouts being more of an unpredictable than normal shit show, I wish you all the best of luck trying to whittle this group down to the best scoring four. Now ya know. #fantasySX Storm Lake Honda