Let me just lead this recap with.... Dammm you Noren! Are you serious? Last lap fade and let's Tickle pass him which drops the Swede to 11th and loses his managers the 10pt bonus. Like me! Ugh. Brutal fantasy World.

Anyways, a big 450 moto win for MxGoat. His 4 rider team had A.C. 1st, Sexton 2nd, Anstie for a HOT 9th and the disappointing Noren in 11th. A total moto score of 79pts along with MxGoat's 78pts in the opening 250 moto sees him jump into a tie for the Thunder Valley victory with his Spring Creek nemesis Mercer181. They are atop the Lakewood standings with 157pts each. And it was just two weeks ago where these two finished 1st and 2nd at Millville. 

After a brutal 1st 250 moto, Hoosenberg rebounds in the 450 opening moto with a 3rd and 76pts as he jumps back to the top of the overall Final Four leaderboard. 661 points and a 6 point lead over jharmon124 as we move into the 2nd motos on a perfect Colorado afternoon. The track looks better than ever. Two more to Go!