Join a PRO Series - MXD360

We are dopping the gate on MXD360's 2nd season of FIM World Championship game & best of all it's FREE.  Thanks to my long time friend and PAL, Jeff Emig, we have another one of kind Grand Prize from the American legend. The 22MXGP Frodaddy 450 World Championship kicks off February 20th at the legendary Matterly Basin with the MXGP of Great Britain. And come the Sepatember 18th TBA Grand Prix Finale (the MXGP schedule is a pretty fluid of ever changes these days), we will be giving away an autographed set of Fro SHIFT gear courtesy of 1992 125 & 1996 /97 250 AMA Motocross Champion, which we will ship ANYWHERE in the World. We want this to be Worldwide game with players spanning the globe.

Once again, this is only a 450 game. Too many unknowns in the 250 class, so we're going to stick with one class as well as scoring the overall of each round rather than per moto. Hire 6 riders for each round with the $3 million dollar budget. Usual MXD360 rules apply, can't hire the same riders in back to back races & HOT riders earn a 10 point bonus for a top 10 finish. Get signed up today for FREE & hire your global team of riders. Good luck!