A couple BIG, game within the 22SX game, announcements before we open up RD7 Minneapolis. In case you want to adjust your 450 rotation and how you open round one of the 250E series, I wanted to drop this info.

The first is our upcoming Dwayne Williams Memorial Triple Crown game within the game. DW Racing recently passed away and was an MXD OG and a friend to many. I wanted to show how much he is & was appreciated as a long time member and friend of the game. 

The DW Triple Crown will be scored as part of the current 22SX, as well as scored separately to determine the DWTC Champion. Once again these three rounds will be DOUBLE POINTS paying events. 

I selected three completely different rounds. The first is a 250E & Triple Crown (6 main events) format. The second will a 250W round. While the third and final is a 250 East/West Shootout.

The following three rounds will make up the MXD360 Dwayne William's Triple Crown game...
- RD8 Dallas 250E & Triple Crown
- RD12 Seattle 250W
- RD14 Atlanta E/W Showdown

As long as you're already signed up to play our 22SX game, you are eligible to play. Once again, Godspeed to our friend Dwayne. Who I think we can all agree is looking down & wondering what the heck is going on with Coop & Kenny. 🤣💯 #DW #TripleCrown #MXD360