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No, we haven't lost our minds here at MXD360. Like many Americans, my long time friend Jeremy Riesenberg (JR51) has been pretty gung ho for this F1 series ever since Netflix debuted with Formula 1 : Drive to Survive. Honestly, I have yet to watch it, but Hoosenberg (his MXD team name) was all ready to attempt a pen and paper league on our group text thread. I couldn't let my friend go thru that much work when we have the capability to knock out & demo an F1 salary game right here at MXD360.

And seriously, how ridiculously crazy was the end of the 2021 F1 season. Big crashes. Tons of chaos. Tons of drama. Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen enter the final round tied in points. Then at the very end of the race, the controversial decision making by the race director, Michael Masi, with the yellow flag and the lappers. Masi was then later fired. I mean, let's get real, you couldn't have written a better script.

So with that all said, I welcome you to MXD360's maiden voyage into the four wheel'd World. I present to you our 2022 MXD360 F1 Formula One salary game presented by none other than JR51. The man with the plan. Beginning this Sunday, March 20th with round one and the Bahrain Grand Prix. The game structure will out just like our moto games.

20 drivers are listed with their opening round salaries. Those top 20 will earn points as the AMA pays them out for each National moto. 1st - 25, 2nd - 22, 3rd - 20 and so on down to 20th. HOT drivers are listed in Red. Designated HOT drivers will earn the standard 10 point bonus for placing inside the final top 10 of the race. Like F1, salaries are much bigger than normal. With more expensive talent to hire, comes a much larger salary cap to hire your 6 driver team. You will have a $7.5M dollar budget to hire 6 drivers.

The best thing about all of this, 22F1 is FREE. So click the Join button and enjoy traveling the World, while tracking your favorite F1 drivers with MXD360. Good luck!