They will shut down a race for Covid, but following a Houthi missile strike, the show must go on! 😅 Here are the final qualifying results & RD2 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Ultimate Cheat Sheet. Hamilton struggled to adapt early in qualifying and was relegated to a 16th today.

While crashes by Lafti & Schumacher brought out red flags. Schumacher was said to be OK,  but was helicoptered out to get checked out. At this time, I don't know if he's racing tomorrow or not. At the very least he'll be driving around with one arm to collect points. Too soon?

FYI, you can hire as many drivers as you want, up to 6. With the way the salary list works and the limit of only 20 drivers without any free drivers available, as we have with our moto games, feel free to hire 6, 5 or even 4 drivers if that's all you feel you need to win. Lockout is tomorrow 11:45am CT. Good luck!

EDIT : Schumacher is confirmed to be OUT for tomorrow's GP.