So it's probably not a big deal, however it's a big deal to me. This year's 2022 MXD360 Dwayne Williams Memorial Triple Crown is going to win this trophy. It is one of my own personal trophies from 1998 Sacramento Dash for Cash. 

Our friend Dwayne was such a stickler when it came to our original MXD prizes back in the day. One year Fro was cleaning out his trophy room and I convinced him to let me give away some of his trophies thru MXD.

Well DW won one of those Emig trophies. But he was upset because it was some glass item and not really a trophy in the sense. Dwayne and I laughed about it as I ended up telling him, hey man, this is a Fro trophy from Europe haha I loved DW, he was my friend.

So this trophy is my thought process to my friend. The 2022 DW Memorial Triple Crown winner will win this trophy of mine. Because this is what Dwayne would have wanted. I appreciate my friend. This is for you DW. ♥️💯

Yea it's still dusty. I hope it means as much to whomever wins this as it means to me and you brother. #fantasySX”