Congratulations to our Lakewood, CO winner Seinfels. Im starting to see a pattern as players get used to the new game and understanding the salary cap. Last two rounds we have the points increase and with more weekly points, we also see a bigger jump or fall in our overall leadboard standings. For the second week in a row, we see that rounds winner take over the points lead and the Red Plate.

In Florida it was Hoosenberg taking the win and the Red Plate to Thunder Valley. In round three it's Seinfels following the same path. There were alot of fantasy points up for grabs in Colorado with the additions of Harrison and Hartranft to the 250 HOT list. Altho the irony is, Seinfels didn't need either. His 250 team was near perfection with the Star Yamaha duo of Cooper (47pts) and Ferrandis (45pts). Add in the HOT Hunter Lawrence (54pts) and yet another Star Yamaha rider in Jarrett Frye (43pts) and Seinfels placed 3rd in the 250 class with 189pts.

In the 450s, with such a high salary in the 250, Seinfels had to look a little deeper into the rider list yet still scored 136pts for a 16th. Seinfels 450 team was led by AC (45pts) and the HOT trio of Bogle (31pts), Masterpool (29pts) & Bloss (31pts). All three hit the 10pt bonus in the 2nd and final moto on the day. This last moto is what won the afternoon them.

And in the process, will receive a custom set of gear from our friends at Fasthouse. Jersey, pants and gloves with their name and number printed on the back.

Taking 2nd at Thunder Valley was Jreed530 who will receive a bad ass roller travel bag from Chad at ZULZ Bag Co.

Complete list of our round 3 top 10 and their prize for the week. Well done everyone and thank you for playing. And please, please support our sponsors and click on their links.

1) 325 Seinfels - Fasthouse gear

2) 313 Jreed530 - ZULZ travel roller bag

3) 312 shaner708 - Fasthouse hoodie

3) 312 TEZUKA - Fasthouse hoodie

5) 311 Mercer311 - StormLakeHonda tee

6) 307 Blake98 - StormLakeHonda tee

7) 301 Stroch - StormLakeHonda tee

8) 296 MxGoat - StormLakeHonda tee

9) 294 MX591 - StormLakeHonda tee

9) 294 2020 - StormLakeHonda tee

9) 294 MOTO943 - StormLakeHonda tee

Nice work Seinfels and enjoy the weight of that Red Plate and the chance to take home a 2021 Honda CRf50 from Storm Lake Honda, as the series moves to our last round of the Final Four series in Southen California at Pala's Fox Raceway. 

We are now happy to announce, for placing 2nd in the overall standings, we will be giving away the bad ass Forged Authority truck bed tool box. And currently that is our buddy Hoosenberg who took the win last round in Florida. He's only 13pts behind with one race remaining!