RD12 MXGP of Indonesia is in the books and it was the Tim Gajser show all weekend. The points leader and HRC rider continues Honda's Summer Dream Tour with a dominating 1-1 performance. 

With only 20 riders to choose from, points were relatively easy to come by. Altho every little decision for a point here or there was amplified ten times. When only 19 points separate the top 26 teams, the difference between hiring Vlaanderen (15th) or Jonass (7th) was huge. Despite only having a $24k difference in salary, those 8 points were the difference between 6th and 26th.

Vlaanderen's 20th in moto 1 set the stage for the rest of the day. On the other hand, if you were fortunate enough to have both the HOT Evans & Tixier available. These two were worth 36 points alone. And dont get me started on Lapucci. 11th?! Cmon man!

Congrats to mxmerle, Spunkwaggin & Team Bone on their Southeast Asian podium performances. While TAB Racing & BamBamm13 avoid the Indo food poisoning to round out the top 5.

This was a fun MXGP only weekend & a nice break from the 22MX Summer of Pain Tour. However, I already have RedBuuuud lock n loaded in MXD360 admin. I went thru and modified both lists of riders, as the series heads back East. Try & keep the rider lists streamlined without much filler. 

As always, thanks for playing and have a great rest of your Sunday! #fantasymxgp