Numbers. Numbers. Numbers! Here are the average points per moto for every rider who has scored a point in our 22MX GOAT Summer of Pain Tour. A HOT rider's 10 point bonus is included. The average is based on every moto they have lined up & raced. If they missed a race due to injury, that race isn't factored in to their average. Altho if they DNF'd a moto, it counts towards their average score. 

A zero represents they raced, but did not finish inside the top 20 for points. An X indicates the rider either didnt qualify for the 40 rider field or the simply weren't there that round.

The numbers on the far left in bold are their current ranking. The number to the right was where they stood after 4 rounds coming into RedBud.

As you can see, Jett's first moto DNF at RedBud dropped him from 1st after four rounds, down to 4th following last Saturday's 35-1 performance. Chase now leads both the 250 & 450 pack with a 22.5 point average after 10 motos.

The series looks to be turning into a 2 rider battle in each class as the Lawrence Brothers & Sexton / Tomac begin to break away in their respective classes. All four are averaging over 21 points per moto. Which is better than a 3rd and overall pretty astounding as we hit the halfway point this Saturday at the Wick338.

Garrett Marchbanks leads all HOT riders heading into the sandpit with a 16.2 per moto point average. The ClubMX rider was on the verge of losing his HOT status for Southwick if he had scored two top 10 finishes 4th of July weekend. He went 16-10 for 26 points and remains listed in RED doe this Saturday. 

Savatgy's first moto podium and Hampshire's 4-6 jumped each of them up three spots as they look to improve in the sand tomorrow. RJ is known to race well at Southwick, despite crashing 238 times last year. He's a fighter. Just gotta stop pushing the front end like a lawn mower. Both riders were the biggest movers following round 5. 

A HOT Ty Masterpool arrived back in the scene last Saturday and let his presence known with some authority. The privateer Texan on a borrowed bike, pulled the holeshot in moto two in route to an impressive 8-8 for 46 points! However his average reflects his DNF - DNS start at the opening round at Fox Raceway. Those two donuts quickly dropped his per moto average down to an 11.5. Only question now remains, can he repeat that kind of performance in the sands of the hourglass at the Wick?

Go thru the list and see if it helps streamline your hiring process for tomorrow's round 6 in Southwick, Mass. #FantasyMX #PointsPerMoto