Here are the Millville Dollar per Point Values based off of a rider's points earned last Saturday against their MXD360 salary at Spring Creek.

 The must have riders, when it came to true value, from last Saturday in Minnesota were Bloss, RyderD. Mumford & Vohland. These four riders exceeded their weekly values and put up incredible numbers compared to their Millville salaries.

Bloss had his fourth straight top 10 moto finish and scored an astronomical 43 points to go against his more than affordable $292,398 salary. Can the HOT status Missouri Giant continue his roll of bonus points results into the Pacific Northwest? 

On the other hand, Savatgy, Roczen, HLaw, Thrasher, Swoll, Masterpool, Robertson and Romano were all a bit of a kick in the nuts in Minnesota. All of them had big crashes last Saturday and just further reminded all of us that there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to racing moto. Indoors or out. Dirt bikes can rear their ugly heads at any second and be a very cruel mistress.

This Saturday will see a much different track.  Washougal presents a very hard packed type of dirt that likes to present itself as dark, sticky loam. This will be a huge swing in the other direction than we have seen with Southwick & Millville. Fast. Choppy. And slippery. Are the key differences in Washington state this Saturday. I wouldn't bet on anyone using the new Dunlop paddle tire this weekend. 

Give these riders and numbers a scan to see what kind of points a rider needs against their weekend salaries to get the most bang for your MXD360 buck. This can be a huge assistance when it comes to hiring your 8 rider team. #FantasyMX