With three rounds of our Final Four presented by StormLakeHonda, Fasthhouse, ZULZ & Forged Authority in the books, here is our final MXD360 Power Rankings. Using Thunder Valley results, a rider’s current round 3 Lakewood salary and their Dollar Per Point Value stat, these 10 riders top our first list. This is basically a top 8 of who is getting the best results & points for their cost in both classes across the board. HOT riders are listed in red. In other words, who are ya gonna get the most bang for your buck.

Allow me to precede this with, this is going to be one crazy last round of the season and the game. With the final race clear out West in Southern California, a lot of East coast based riders aren’t going to make that trip. We have also already had a lot of riders announce either they were not racing, Baggett, Short and Bloss. And a couple who have yet to say anything other than, we might race, Barcia, Savatgy, Ty Masterpool. Im going to say just this, someone, maybe even 2 or possibly 3, HOT 450 riders, we never expected, are going to have top 10 rides for that 10pt bonus. In other words, do be afraid to get a little crazy this last round looking for some big points. I can guarantee you, they are out there. Hopefully this helps a little bit, but honestly, these are kind of the obvious ones. Good luck!


  1. Jarrett Frye $155,542 salary (250)

Let me just lead with this, “Dammmm kid!” Im not positive where Jarrett Frye came from, I thought Stilez & Gonzales were the heavy hitters coming out of Loretta’s, but Frye has been kicking ass these past three rounds. Steady. Smart. Consistent. Confidence building rides. His last (and first) six motos read like this, 14-14-12-12-9-10. That is impressive. Run, don’t walk to throw this rookie a contract for Pala. Lastly, he’s young and the fact this is the last National of the year doesn’t mean shit for him. He is still wanting to prove a point and certainly will not be mailing in this last race like a lot of other riders tend to do. Jarret’s $PP is $3,617. Yes you read that correctly.



  1. Hunter Lawrence  $424,208 salary (250)

HLaw has hovered around the top 3 in our Power Rankings for past three rounds. He was borderline getting dropped from HOT rider status this week but his earlier races this season were such garbage and the fact he is still only 13th in points with 6 top 10 moto finishes out of 18 attempts. Although, 5 of those came in the last 6 motos. Huntah is unquestionably a must have heading into this finale. I did a little homework last night, EVERY single team manager currently in the overall Final Four top 10 after Lakewood, had HLaw on their team. Meaning, those 10 are sitting ducks baby! $PP is at $7,855.


  1. Jake Masterpool $231,900 salary (450)

Jake is the first 450 rider as he hits the Pala Power Rankings at number 3. He finished top 10 for the first time this season in the second moto last Saturday in Colorado. Yes, just 1 top 10 out of 18 motos. Jake also has 5 moto outside of the top 35. Id have to guess DNFs. So why in the hell is this kid sitting at #3? Because he has steadily gotten better every moto since Lorettas one. The number 78 sits 15th in 450 points with 7 top 15 moto finishes out of the last 8 ran. And what did I say earlier? Did you see who is or is possibly not racing tomorrow? Do you think this hard working privateer is going to put in anything less than 100%, just to simply prove a point to himself and the industry? Lets just say, he’s on my team with a $PP of $7,996.


  1. Justin Bogle $263,009 salary (450)

Don’t look now, but Justin Bogle is getting some of his swagger back. It would be an enormous understatement to suggest the popular Bogle has had a rough year. That would be like saying Bill Cosby liked his ladies sleepy. Coming off 13-10 moto scores at one of his favorite outdoor tracks, Bogle had his first top 10 and rewarded many lucky team managers with a very affordable day score of 29pts. He’s up to 14th in points and with this possibly his last national of his outstanding career, the Miami Vice bearded one will be looking to go out with two top 10s. No question. Another Pala must have at a $PP Value of $8,484. Justin was on 5 of the top 10 teams last week.


  1. Jo Shimoda $398,755 salary (250)

The rookie Shimoda just continues to get stronger with every passing Saturday. Wait, didn’t I already suggest this in our very first Power Rankings? Check in next week and Ill be giving out the winning Powerball Numbers. Pretty sure I just stole that from my friend NDel. Nevermind, lets talk about Jo. Hes up to 11th in points. Has finished top 10 in 6 of the last 7 motos. And a top 5 could be in his Pala future with a holeshot. Why is he still HOT? Because hes still a rookie, who are known to implode at a moments notice and I still consider him a fringe rider. He could go 6-6 tomorrow or go 11-13 and I wouldn’t be shocked by either. Kind of like his Honda teammate Carson Mumford, who totally hosed my team in Colorado with 13-11 and got dropped from todays Power Rankings because of it. Ol Jo has a $PP Value of $8,484 as well.


  1. Dilan Schwartz $62,217 salary (250)

I didn’t know much about Dilan other than he had a solid amateur week at Lorettas but got beat out for the Nicky Hayden Horizon Award by Stilez Robertson. I could be wrong. I did however read his latest interview on RacerX and apparently he races for a team ran by Larry Brooks and could possibly still remain an amateur and race LL again next summer. Did I mention hes from Southern California and his team manager is Larry Brooks? Out of plain fear alone and not wanting to disappoint Brooks, Schwartz could finish 10-10 for 20 bonus points. You should be afraid Larry will come to your house if you don’t hire his rider for tomorrow. At a $PP Value of $2,304, you cant afford not to have this kid on your team. I hope everyone realizes the sacrifice I make with this list.


  1. Justin Cooper $709,841 salary (250)

The Coop is back! And he brought his dog with him! Was that really a thing this week? Please people who cried about Justin having his dog on the podium, get a fucking life. With that said, one helluva ride last Saturday at Thunder Valley. Be thankful you were on a Yamaha or JMart would have won but that’s neither here nor there. Because I don’t see Jeremy on this list this week. Coopers first win of the season, and with his teammate Ferrandis on, “Lets just get thru the day with the title” mode, I see Justin getting his second win of the season tomorrow. He’s still affordable on the salary list and has a solid, $15,103 $PP Value and also is currently the most hired 250 rider currently at 43.75%. Don’t miss out on the Justin Cooper Pala Puppy Bandwagon everyone!


  1. Christian Craig $551,470 salary (450)

Craig his the Power Rankings for the first and last time of our Final Four game. And just in time to wrap up his Honda career as he moves to the Star Yamaha team with your entire neighborhood and family! Also, did I mention Christian is originally a SoCal kid who no doubt wants to finish out the season with another top 5 or possibly even a podium. Last Saturday CC had his best finishes with a 4th in moto 2 and a 5th overall. Take out Baggett and possibly Barcia on Saturday, and life will be a lot easier Saturday at Pala for the number 62. Coming in with a $PP Value of $17,233 and at number 8.