Ok. Clearly there are a lot of numbers here. These are the current top 52 riders in AMA Pro Motocross after 9 rounds and 18 motos. This according to each rider's per moto average. If a rider only raced 6 motos, his average per moto is based on those six motos.

New to the list is clearly the addition of the injured 450 trio of Ferrandis, Stewart & Wilson. Dylan jumped straight into the deep end with his 4th and a 10th at Unadilla for a 14.5 point per moto average. The 21MX Champion lands in 13th after only two motos.

While Malcolm & Deano are still dipping their toe in the shallow end as they were quickly reminded just how miserable racing the Nationals is. Chris Riesenberg  has never raced a National, but can attest to the difficulty, as he struggles to even watch the races on a Saturday afternoon. 

The 27 & 15 head to Budds Creek tomorrow with the 40th and 43rd ranked per moto average. Again, this is only based on their two motos at Unadilla. 

Cameron McAdoo also made his triumphant return to racing on the number 48 green Pro Circuit dirt bike. However, since Cam raced the Pala opener and scored zero points. His per moto average is based off of 4 motos rather than just the two from Unadilla.

Still a solid performance from the Sioux City, IA rider as he went 11th & 4th for 38 points. Gotta love when a rider returns and immediately hits the top 10 and those precious ten bonus points. McAdoo is currently 30th with a 9.5 point per moto average. Look for him to be a very popular hire for Budds tomorrow. 

After 18 motos, the top 10 riders has seemed to even itself out when it comes to 250 & 450 riders. Initially the 450 class dominated the top 5 and 10 with their consistency. But the 250 group of Jett, HFL, Shimoda and Cooper has clearly established themselves at solid top 5 riders in nearly each and every moto to finish the season. 

The injured Levi Kitchen rounds out the top 10 with no planned date of return. That makes it an even five 450s and five 250s in the top 10 as Sexton and Tomac continue their stranglehold on the top 2 spots. It would take a disaster of a mistake by either of these two for them not to finish 1st or 2nd to wrap up the season. 

Alright, I think that's about all I have on this subject. For now. Check the list and hire accordingly. Or dont check the list. Good luck tomorrow! 

If you would like this list emailed to you for easier viewing, DM me your team name and I'll send over a copy. #fantasyMX