The 2023 SuperMotocross has arrived. Get signed up today!

Welcome to the inaural year of our three round 2023 SuperMotocross League. Born of an alliance of Supercross promoters Feld Motor Sports and Pro Motocross promoters MX Sports Pro Racing, the 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship Series will crown an overall champion for the two disciplines.

The three new races held in September, which are considered “the playoffs” of the sport. They will be held at ZMax Dragway outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Chicagoland Speedway in Illinois, and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in California. The idea is that each track will have elements of both supercross and motocross together.

There will be a two-moto format at each of these three races. Both the 250 and 450 class will do two 20-minute plus one lap motos. Overall winners each night will be created by combining both motos. And by each round's overall, is will be how we will score for our 23SMX League. 

However, there is an added twist when it comes to the 23SMX points format. And we at MXD360, will be scoring each race just like the AMA. The points are tallied Supercross-style, with 26 points for winning and one point for P22—at least at SMX Playoff 1. The points are multiplied at each successive Playoff round. Playoff 2 is worth double points (52 for winning), and the final round—dubbed the SMX World Championship—is worth triple points (73 points for winning, down to three points for P22).

So needless to say, this will be one helluva new & exciting series for fans. As well as a wild new format to play here at MXD360. The points scoring might be different. However, the same 23SX rules apply for this three round game. 

  • One 8 rider team, four 250 riders, four 450 riders.
  • All 8 riders must fit under the $3.5 million salary cap. If you go big in the 450, you won't have much budget left for the 250. Or the other way around. So spend wisely.
  • You have until the beginning of the night show to hire your team of 8 riders. Which usually means, 7pm local time of that particular event. However, it will be a day race for round two in Chicago. In other words, make sure & follow the qualifying times to see who's turning the fastest laps before putting the final touches on your 8 rider team.
  • The salary of a rider WILL CHANGE for each round. Their weekly results will help determine their salary for the following round.
  • Simply click on the rider you want and their salary is automatically added, giving you the total and how much you have left to spend.
  • You cannot hire riders two races in a row. Example, you hire Sexton and Ferrandis for RD1, you cannot select them again until RD3. Basically, once you pick a rider, they will not be availble the next race. So decide on a strategy.
  • Each of the 250 and 450 overall finishes will count towards your OA score for each round.
  • Riders listed in Red are considered HOT riders. A HOT rider will receive a 10pt bonus if he finishes inside the top 10. Example, an 8th place main event finish is worth 15pts, however if the rider is HOT, he will receive 25pts for that main event.
  • Any ties in the game will be broken by the final 450 main event from the most recent race. The team manager with the highest 450 main event score will win. If still tied, it will fall back to the highest scoring 450 rider..