What would happen if the latest SuperMotocross format would have existed back in the 90s? Would MC still had been so dominant? How about 1999 250MX Champion Greg Albertyn? Or the Honda trio of Lusk, Larocco & Windham?

Since we now have until January 7th, 2024 to wait for Anaheim 1, it is time to answer those questions with the latest MXD360 Retro 1999 SuperMotocross League. And it is FREE to play!

SuperMotocross was born this 2023 season of an alliance of Supercross promoters Feld Motor Sports & Pro Motocross promoters MX Sports Pro Racing. We watched the 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship Series crown an overall champion for the two disciplines in Jett Lawrence & Haiden Deegan.

For our MXD360 Retro 99SMX League, we will only be playing with the premier 250 class of riders. No 125's for this game. Three rounds. Six motos.

Each of the three rounds will consist of a two-moto format. First motos will come from a randomly chosen 1999 250 Supercross round, Second motos will be a randomly chosen round from the 1999 250 Motocross season. The MX motos for the three rounds will be scored by that random race's Overall finish.

We will score each round, just like in the inaugural 2023 season of SuperMotocross. First round points are standard. Second round points are doubled. And for the Third round finale, points will be tripled!

Just when you thought it was safe to put your three ring Trapper Keeper away. Let's crown a 99SMX Champion both on the track & in the retro fantasy World of MXD360. Did I mention it is FREE to play?

  • One 6 rider team of 1999 250 riders.
  • All 6 riders must fit within your team's $3 million salary budget. So spend wisely.
  • You have until lockout each week to hire your team. I am currently looking at 8pm CT Thursday night for three weeks of Retro racing.
  • The salary of a rider WILL CHANGE for each round. Their moto scores will help determine their salary for the following round.
  • Simply click on the rider you want and their salary is automatically added, giving you the total and how much you have left to spend.
  • You cannot hire riders two races in a row. Example, you hire McGrath and Lusk for RD1, you cannot select them again until RD3. Basically, once you pick a rider, they will not be availble the next race. So decide on a strategy.
  • Each of the 1999 Retro 250 SuperMotocross moto finishes will count towards your OA score for each of the three rounds.
  • Riders listed in Red are considered HOT riders. A HOT rider will receive a 10pt bonus if he finishes inside the top 10 of either moto. Example, an 8th place moto finish is worth 13pts, however if the rider is HOT, he will receive 23pts for that moto.
  • Any ties in the game will be broken by the final Retro moto from the most recent race. The team manager with the highest second moto rider score will win. If still tied, it will fall back to the next highest scoring 250SMX rider.
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