The Paris Supercross is back & for the second time, we are bringing a salary game to MXD360. 

The Paris SX PR, "In just a few days from now - on November 18th-19th - the Paris Supercross will celebrate its 40th anniversary! Once more the French capital will play host to the main winter SX, and the fans didn’t hesitate to book their seats as the weekend is already sold out!"

"The most prestigious International Supercross outside the United States, Paris SX has always enjoyed such overwhelming success! Success with the fans, who come every year to cheer their heroes loudly in the Paris la Defense Arena, and success with the riders as Paris has again attracted many of the leading athletes!"

"Paris is ready to finally welcome the Lawrence brothers, who won no less than five US titles this season and who were two of the main contenders at the recent MX of Nations here in France. Aged 20 & 24 respectively, Jett and Hunter will make first appearance at Paris & for their first real Supercross in the 450 class."

"The two brothers will line up against Ken Roczen, who battled at the end of the 2023 season with Jett both in the USA & at the MXoN. King of Paris last year, Ken is seeking revenge, as Jett beat him at the Supermotocross & their duel promises fireworks as these two incredible riders enjoy a genuine rivalry, but also great mutual respect."

"The SX2 class will feature France's own Tom Vialle, who will be contesting the Paris SX for the first time after a year racing the US Championships. The Southern kid will discover the atmosphere of the Paris La Defense Arena in ‘Supercross mode’ & for sure he will receive a noisy welcome from the fans! He will be racing against several talented riders. Japanese Jo Smimoda will make his first appearance on a Honda after a strong season in the US & will be joined by Americans Jace Owen (a former Prince de Paris) & Cullin Park. As well as the 2022 Prince of Paris, Australian Matt Moss."

This year for our MXD360 Paris SX League, we will see a combined two classes, not just one. Each day the SX1 & SX2 riders will race two Sprints & the Main event. And we will score the three SX1 & SX2 races as one for each day. That means you can hire both Roczen & Vialle to your teams. Although, if you choose, expect to pay a pretty penny for both riders.

New for the MXD360 2023 Paris SX League, you will be hiring one team for the Saturday program. And as soon as Saturday is wrapped up. You will have to again hire a six rider team for the Sunday program. Fortunately, with the time difference, we will have plenty of time Saturday to hire your second six rider team. And rider salaries & possibly HOT riders will change from Saturday to Sunday.

Hire 6 riders with the $3.5M budget. Riders in red are HOT & if they score a top 10 finish in any of their races, they earn the 10 point bonus. We will be scoring every race from both SX1 & SX2 classes on Saturday & Sunday to declare a 2023 MXD360 PARIS Supercross winner. Join and play for FREE. Good luck!


  • One 6 rider team. Which can be a mixture of SX1 or SX2 riders.
  • All 6 riders must fit under the Paris SX $3.6 million salary cap.
  • You have until the beginning of the Saturday Paris SX program to hire your team of 6 riders. Once I know the exact time schedule for both Saturday & Sunday's programs, I will set the lock out times for each accoringly. So keep an eye out for each race''s Lock Out time. Also, make sure and follow the qualifying times to see who's turning the fastest laps before putting the final touches on your 6 rider team. I will post qualifying times here on the main page & send out an email.
  • The salary of a rider WILL CHANGE for each Saturday & Sunday. 
  • Simply click on the rider you want and their salary is automatically added, giving you the total and how much you have left to spend.
  • You cannot hire riders two nights in a row. Example, you hire Roczen & Vialle for Saturday, you cannot select them again for Sunday.
  • Each of the three SX1 and SX2 races (2 Sprints & 1 Main) will count towards your OA score each Saturday & Sunday.
  • The combined scores of both Saturday & Sunday will determine our MXD360 2023 Paris SX Champion.
  • Riders listed in Red are considered HOT riders. A HOT rider will receive a 10pt bonus if he finishes inside the top 10. Example, an 8th place main event finish is worth 13pts, however if the rider is HOT, he will receive 23pts for that main event. Again, ALL of the races are scored & will count towards your total.
  • Any ties in the game will be broken by the final three SX1 main event total. The team manager with the highest SX1 main event score will win. If still tied, it will fall back to the highest scoring SX1 rider.