I knocked out MXD360's A2 RD4 Dollar per Point Values last night. Hunter's eventual 11th destroyed his value. Entirely. Scoring only 11 points for 11th put HFL's $PPV at over $61k. Whereas players could have picked up either Webb or Tomac for much less & earned twice the points.

Webb's A2 value with his win was $23,929 a point. While Tomac's 2nd had him at a $27,902 per point value. HFL's salary was $675k & his 11th gave him over a $61,000 $PPV. Webb & Tomac cost a team right around $600k each, for twice the points. Anderson's coat him one position. That one spot moved Stewart up one position & in turn jumped him from 11th to 9th OA. And in the proess, knocking HFL out of the top 10. Dam you El Hombre!