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Where the hell was Jean-Michel Bayle last night?! Looking at the season ending points for 1990, shows JMB finishing 2nd behind eventual Champion Jeff Stanton. And only, 7 points back!


Little did myself or probably anyone realize, the Frenchman missed 2 rounds back in 90. And if you were unlucky enough to hire him for the opening round, you totally got screwed on the draw as the MXD360 database chose round 3 in San Diego.


I had to do some searching to find out why JMB missed SD. When in doubt of race trivia, I went straight to the man, Davey Coombs. He sent me a screenshot of that race from Cycle News and it says Bayle was recovering from elbow injury from the previous round in Houston. So I checked the CN issue that covered the Houston round and it had all the info we needed. 


Straight from Kit Palmer & the February 14th, 1990 issue of Cycle News featuring Houston. Team Honda's Jean Michel-Bayle, who finished second at Anaheim opener, pulled out of the event after hyper-extending his elbow in a crash during practice.


According to Honda's team manager Dave Arnold, "The elbow swelled up and he (Bayle) tried riding his bike after practice in the parking lot, but he was in too much pain and didn't have a whole lot of movement in his arm.


Kit added, before the 250 main event began, the 250 MX World Champion Frenchman was already on a plane, headed back to California for treatment.


Man, can you imagine if there was social media back then? All the Monday Morning armchair 2wheeled idiots woulda been calling for his head for leaving early. 


Let's get to the Cycle News San Diego recap from the February 21st, 1990 issue, written by Nate Rauba. 


Defending Camel Supercross Champion Jeff Stanton sat back, rode through the fallen riders, then executed a planned pass to walk off with the win at the Coors Extra Gold Super Challenge in San Diego in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium.


"The strong will survive," Stanton told the crowd of 37,184 after the main event. "A lot of riders fell, but the number one plate didn't, I just kept plugging away. I'll sit back, use my head and ride consistently."


Look at 6-time talking shit! Haha Love it. Don't fuck with Stanton kids.


Stanton added, "I go out to win every race, but I'm gonna do it wisely."


The win at round three, vaulted Stanton from 6th to 1st in the point standings for the Camel Supercross Series. After winning the first two rounds, Damon Bradshaw's 18-point advantage disappeared on lap 5 of the 20 lap main when he crashed and injured his foot while leading the race. Bradshaw was transported by ambulance from the track, but X-rays showed no broken bones in the foot. The factory Yamaha pilot fell to third in the standings with 52pts, three behind Stanton, two behind Jeff Matiasevich.


Kawasaki's Matiasevich, who had been battling closely with Bradshaw, inherited the lead when Bradshaw fell with teammate Jeff Ward close behind. Two laps later Ward crashed and Stanton moved in on Matiasevich. At the half way point, Stanton planned his move and took the lead, then steadily rode his Dan Betley-tuned factory Honda for the remaining 10 laps to score the win.


"Everybody crashed out because they're trying too hard," said Stanton, who had his own trouble with falling in the previous two rounds. "It's the first part of the year, so I'll sit back and watch guys fall out the first part of the race and take control in the second part." 


I swear Stanton ate nails during the week & shit out number one plates, while smoking Camels & drinking Coors Gold.


Matiasevich couldn't stay with Stanton and led a very close race for second across the line. Honda's Mike Kiedrowski and Suzuki teammates Larry Ward & Mike Larocco took the checkered flag tightly bunched right behind Matiasevich.


"I got bad stomach cramps," said Matiasevich. "I couldn't breathe, I wanted to pull off."


Pull off?! Stop being a dam pussy Chicken! I was yelling at the TV and Dave Despain when Dave kept saying you were tired. Turns out, Mr Despain is never wrong. Pull off?! You jackass! 🤣


Larry Ward broke out of a three-way tie to stand alone in 4th with 49pts, two points ahead of Larocco. Kawasaki's Johnny O'Mara, who had a crash-filled evening yet still managed to salvage a 6th in the main, is a point behind Larocco.


Some other quotes from last night's 1990 San Diego main event.


"I had a good start, but collided with another rider," said Dubach. "I tried to work back up but crashed again." He finished 13th.


"I almost had the holeshot, but Dubach put me into the hay bales,", said O'Mara. "Then Tichenor endoed and I had nowhere to go, I just jumped into his bike. The HOT O'Mara finished 6th for the 10pt bonus,  with Tichenor in 10th.


Altho Larry Ward finished 4th, the 250 rookie was still happy. "I'm only 6 points out, I wanted to stay up. But I do need to hang it out and go for it, but not to the point where I end up in the hospital."


Cooper passed Johnson late in the race to claim 7th. Fisher finished 9th & Tichenor completed the top 10.


"I fell once when the front end washed out and that got me mad enough to charge," said Cooper. "I haven't been charging and when I fell I decided to let it hang out. I made it a goal to catch Johnson."


"I never had a drive," said former Champ Johnson. "I tried to put in a week of hard training, but you can't get enough progress in a week." A HOT TooHip's 8th earned him the 10pt bonus as well. 


Only the HOT duo of O'Show & RJ were able to score top 10s and the bonus points. 


Fro raced 125 in San Diego. While I raced A1 on a 250, at round 2 in Houston I was on a 125 and got landed on by Mike Craig. Ended up with stitches in my hand and skipped racing a 250 in SD to heal up. 


So there ya have it. Our race recap courtesy of Cycle News. A rough night for anyone who had Bayle, Bradshaw and or Wardy.