Before we jump into our weekly winners list, let's take a look at our top 30 in points and break down some of the riders as we head into our WeBigInc Early 90s RD4 FINALE


These points include a rider when he was listed as HOT and their 10pt bonus if they hit top 10. The number of times they hit their bonus is an * next to their name.


As you can see from the top 30 in points, for MXD360 only running 9 races out of a possible 53 main events from those 3 seasons, the riders pretty much line up in similar fashion from our initial salary list. Let's break some of them down and see if we can help hire a team.


The leading duo of Honda teammates, Stanton and Bayle are no surprise at the top. Bayle scored a zero at our opening 1990 round in San Diego due to an elbow injury. While Stanton just scored a zero in our RD3 at 1991 Charlotte after suffering a shoulder injury the week before in Pontiac. 


Other than that, these two have been nearly flawless, racking up wins in 7 of the 9 mains. Only 9 points separate these two Hall of Famers in their battle for MXD360 Early 90s supremacy! 


One of the biggest disappointments in our game so far, in no fault of his own, has been Bradshaw. The random database draw for these races has not been kind to the managers who hired Damon in rounds 1 and 3. If you recall & I'm sure you all do, the Beast began the game with back to back DNFs. A crash while leading 1990 San Diego along with a mechanical DNF at 1991 St Pete led to an unbelievable 5 point start to the WeBigInc game. 


Sitting back in 5th, trailing the points leader JMB by 51pts is not where anyone thought Bradshaw would be sitting heading into the final three races. If you were fortunate to have hired the Yamaha legend on odd numbered rotation to your team, having him available for RD4, this will no doubt prove to be a big points swing come Friday night's last race. Altho, it all depends on the draw.


My longtime friend Fro has proven to be a great HOT pickup this game. Originally listed in the 13th position entering, Emig has hit the 10pt bonus three times so far. Twice in RD1 and just recently once in RD3. Considering he was a 125 rider in 90 & 91, with 92 being his only full 250 season, it's been an impressive run so far. Those extra 30pts have proven to be huge for managers. His round 2 was a tough one with only 11pts. But overall, a definite must have for RD4 if he's available. 


Two of my heroes growing up, O'Show (52pts) & RJ (23pts), were wrapping up their illustrious careers in 1990 & 91 respectively. Johnny has hit the HOT 10pt bonus 2 out of 3 times in 90, while Ricky has only scored points in our opening race. Altho it was a top 10. 


On the other end of the spectrum, the King of the 90s, McGrath was just getting started in 1992 in the 250 class. Showtime was pulling double duty that season while wrapping up his 125 SX career. He scored the HOT top 10 bonus at our last race, 92 Tampa. Which is still good enough for 22nd in our points.


Last but certainly not least, is the most impressive rider of this game as far as I'm concerned. An old friend. Ray Sommo. I first met Ray at the 1982 NMA Ponca City amateur nationals. Actually my mom met his mom at the Holiday Inn laundry room one evening after the races. They were from New Jersey and became family friends over the years. 


Ten years later, following the muddy Budds Creek national, Tichenor and I are walking back to the hotel in the rain after celebrating Fro's 125 title and getting kicked out of dinner for starting a food fight. 


As we're walking a small pickup with a KX500 in the back, slows down and asks if we need a ride. Turns out it's Ray and his buddy is driving. RT and I say sure, it's a small truck so I hop in front while RT climbs into the bed of the truck... with the 500. A minute later we hear Ronnie kick start that beast and start roasting the rear tire off in the bed of the truck! Needless to say we had to walk the rest of the way back to the hotel.


Never a dull moment when it came to to the 90s.


Anyways, Sommo has scored points in 6 of the 9 main events so far and even hit the HOT 10pt bonus at race 8 in 91 Charlotte and the pouring down rain and grease. Ray and I are currently tied for 14th in points with 51. Very cool Satchimo Sommo. Nickname RT gave him. Haha


Overall after 9 races, the HOT 10pt bonus has been earned 18 times by 12 different riders


One round and three races remain. I'm going to guess no less than the top 20 are still capable of pulling of the title of King of the WeBigInc Early 90s.  Thank you everyone for playing and good luck! Hire wisely. 


WeBigInc Early 90s 

Top 30 Point Standings

* indicates HOT 10pt bonus

{click on the spreadsheet image to enlarge}

1) 184 Bayle

2) 175 Stanton

3) 146 Kiedrowski 

4) 142 Cooper 

5) 133 Bradshaw 

6) 121 J. Ward

7) 118 Larocco

8) 110 Matiasevich

9) 104 Tichenor**

10) 87 L. Ward 

11) 86 Emig***

12) 78 Fisher

13) 52 O'Mara**

14) 51 Stephenson**

14) 51 Sommo*

16) 49 Dubach

17) 47 Bowen*

18) 45 Lamson**

19) 32 Craig*

20) 30 Kalos*

21) 29 Andrews

22) 27 McGrath*

23) 23 R. Johnson*

23) 23 K. Johnson

23) 23 Kehoe

26) 22 Everts*

27) 17 Naumec

28) 16 Dehoop

29) 13 Matson

30) 12 Dowd