Last night we had race 10 of 12 of our WeBigInc Early 90s and the random draw landed us at 1990 Pontiac 1 inside the Pontiac Silverdome. The now imploded Pontiac Silverdome mind you. You wanna know how to know when youre old? When almost every damn building we raced in in the 90s are now almost all extinct domes or stadiums. Now get off my lawn.


This morning I was hoping to have a nice Cycle News recap for the race. Last night after watching, which was one of the best quality YouTube videos we have had so far, and after Scott posted the points, I went looking for the CN copy in the archives and like the old Silverdome, that issue wasn’t there. The issues jumped from 4/25/90 to 5/9/90. We needed 5/2/90. So the hell with it. I'll recap the race myself in case you didn’t get a chance to watch it. Although I highly recommend you check it out even if you still haven’t.


These 250 mains are some of the most entertaining in history. Especially, 1990. What other season in the history of SX were there 4 or 5 rookies running top 7 at each and every round? Damon, Chicken, Kiedrowski, Larry & LaRocco were a rookie class of riders that will never be seen again. Don’t even get me started on a 17 year old Bradshaw.


With that said, here's the simplest of recaps.

  • JohnnyO pulls the holeshot with Bradshaw and Stanton in tow.
  • Stanton quickly passes both to take the lead and attempts to take off.
  • Damon struggles to get past O’Show as Stanton starts pull away.
  • The Beast gets around the Vet and within a lap is on the rear wheel of 6-time.
  • Cooper runs 4th and then drops the front end in the deepest part of the whoops and crashes.
  • I had Airtime on my team and threw my phone.
  • Stanton and Bradshaw begin a solid back n forth battle for the next 6 or 7 laps.
  • Watching the way Damon stands up thru the bowls, dipping and diving behind Stanton is pure style.
  • A HOT Johnny O maintains a solid 3rd throughout most of the main. Anyone who had him in their rotation for RD4 has to be smiling at this point as they start counting their 10pt bonus.
  • The camera flashes back into the pack a little to what I assume is around 5th & 6th just in time to catch JMB clean out Chicken in the corner before the finish line tunnel jump.
  • Chicken proceeds to physically jump on Bayle’s head WWE style as Larry and Dave comment before realizing hes the points leader and should get back on the bike.
  • Somewhere Weston Peick is smiling while Vince Friese cringes.
  • Meanwhile multiple riders went past the two wrestling on the ground and someone even cleans Bayles bike out of his arms as hes picking it up.
  • It looked like LaRocco, Larry Ward and Dubach were a few of the riders to make it around the wrestling duo.
  • If you had a HOT Dubach, that had to make you smile. And considering I didn’t have either Chicken and JMB, I loved it.
  • I forget, either Kiedrowski or LaRocco almost runs OMara off the track and do a perfect pick n roll into a lapper.
  • If you have OShow on your team, youre thinking, “Im still good for the bonus!” Only to see the results at the end and see him in 15th and throw your phone.
  • LaRocco puts on another one of his classic back of the pack charges to the front. Im not sure how far back he was off the start but considering he finishes right behind Stanton for 3rd at the finish, I would have to think he was probably around 15th or 16th on the opening lap.
  • While we’re kinda on that subject, doesn’t it totally suck to not have a leaderboard during these old races? We literally no idea what position anyone is on the track except maybe the top 5 at most. Hell, thru no fault of their own, Larry & Dave don’t even know where anyone else is when the camera flashes back a few spots.
  • Back to the lead duo, like Larry was saying for a couple laps, Damon was totally just sitting back and learning from Stanton. One lap after the finish, Bradshaw went middle which carried him deep into the center of the bowl corner that shot them back down the start straight.
  • Stanton jumped in wide, landed, pivoted and shot across the inside / front of Damon.
  • The next lap, Bradshaw set this up two corners before, so this time he was on the outside of Jeff coming into the same corner.
  • Stanton lands in the middle, drives deep into the bowl, while the rookie lands wide, pivots and shoots across the inside / front of him. And takes off for the win.
  • So text book. So unbelievably cool. Again, that would be like Jett Lawrence schooling Tomac. Wrap your brain around that for a second.
  • On the podium, with Stanton glaring at him in the background, Bradshaw says, “I whooped his ass!” I may have made that up.


So there ya have it. Race1 of RD4 is in the books as we now wait til tomorrow night to see what the random draw for 1991 brings us. Until then, heres a quick look at the top 10 in rider points as Stanton & Bayle battle for MXD360 WeBigInc Early 90s supremacy.


With Stanton’s 2nd place finish, along with Bayle’s crash with Chicken, moves 6-time into the points lead by a single point. A 10 point swing in Pontiac last night for the Honda teammates. The third factory Honda rider, Kiedrowski holds on to 3rd in the standings following his 4th last night. With Bradshaw’s win, he jumps up to 4th behind the Honda trio.


WeBigInc Early 90s : Top 10 in Points

Race 10 of 12 (wins)


  1. 197 Stanton (3)
  2. 196 Bayle (4)
  3. 164 Kiedrowski
  4. 158 Bradshaw (3)
  5. 151 Cooper
  6. 138 LaRocco
  7. 137 J. Ward
  8. 123 Matiasevich
  9. 119 Tichenor
  10. 101 L. Ward