Congratulations to our Race1 of RD4 winners. Yea I said winners. In all the haste to get our Early 90s game put together and ready, I may have forgot to institute a tie breaker. Oops. So instead, we have a three way tie for 1st at the 1990 Pontiac1.

BigB116, Stroker15 & PitMX1 all put up 118pts in the Silverdome Monday night to take the victory. A HOT Doug Dubach (21pts),  LaRocco (20pts) & Larry Ward (16pts) were a common trio of riders on all three teams. Can one of these three managers hold on for the RD4 overall? 

Meanwhile in the overall standings leaderboard, we have a points leader. JLR Racing now carries the Camel / Coors Blue & Gold #1 plate into to night's 1991 main event. JLR took the win in RD3, placed 24th on Monday night and looks to keep the momentum rolling tonight. Altho he is going to have his hands full with only 3 non-HOT riders on his team of 8. JLR's going to need a lot of luck with Lamson, Craig & Dowd these last two races.

Yours truly jumped up 8 spots from 10th to 2nd after Monday night in Pontiac. I don't take any prizes but you can bet your ass I'm gunning for WeBigInc Early 90s supremacy!

Bad Boy Club Racing carried the Blue & Gold plate into Michigan but after a dismal 76th Monday night, he dropped from 1st to 4th. Led by Bradshaw, Kiedrowski & Cooper with a HOT trio of MC, Naumec & Brooks, I can see Bad Boy getting back on track tonight.

There ya have it. A quick recap of some of this week's RD4 top players heading into tonight's random 1991 main event. Only two races remain with the final race coming Friday night. 

WeBigInc Early 90s 
Top 25 : Race10 of 12
[Previous standing]

1) 822 JLR Racing [2]
2) 817 dbo360 [10]
3) 812 bullethvac [4]
4) 810 BadBoyClub Racing [1]
5) 807 Jreed530 [8]
6) 800 Dcordle [5]
7) 798 BadAss23 [15]
7) 798 TheJoeCool [15]
9) 797 ssrlewis [11]
10) 794 Bodybag [3]
11) 793 Team Wurx [5]
12) 792 Galagaonmyarm [9]
13) 790 THEHOGMW [11]
14) 788 Ramrod [17]
15) 787 KAMIKAZE [25]
15) 787 DW Racing [14]
17) 782 Tfrank223 [23]
18) 778 Portz12 [7]
19) 775 SH512 [27]
20) 773 Stroch [21]